Waterproofing as a Preventative Solution!


A preventative solution to stop leaks before they happen, and help reduce future damage. Chicago is known for its unpredictable weather; it is important to prepare you home for these changes by properly water proofing.

Unsealed brick absorbs water which can weaken the brick masonry and mortar. Sealing and waterproofing the brick on a home’s exterior improves your home’s value by extending its life and look. Contact Coast to Coast Masonry today for an estimate and tips on proper care for your home.



Removing efflorescence deposits on masonry walls…

Efflorescence is a fancy name for white, crystalline deposits that can appear on masonry walls. These deposits occur when moisture within the masonry rises to the surfaces, carrying minerals with it. Moisture evaporates, leaving the pesky minerals behind.

This is visible to the eye, and is not appealing to some. In severe cases efflorescence on the wall can become so thick that it falls off the wall, and is piled on the ledge in clumps.

If this substance appears on your brick or stone, contact Coast to Coast Masonry to prevent further damage.

Efflorescence may be a sign that your masonry is absorbing water. Waterproofing can help!

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