Parapet Wall Repair and Rebuild

Why parapet wall maintenance is important… 


A parapet is a low wall constructed above the roofline that usually spans around the perimeter of a building. Parapets may be purely aesthetic or primarily functional, such as hiding mechanical equipment or acting as a fire barrier.

The top of a parapet wall is vulnerable to moisture penetration problems. Choosing an appropriate cap is an effective way to eliminate this. A variety of materials are available to cap off the wall, with limestone, terra cotta, hard-fired clay, or precast concrete. These materials have varying physical properties and choosing one over another largely depends on application type as well as aesthetic appeal.

Coast to Coast Masonry takes on all types of parapet wall repair projects using a variety of techniques. When the back side of the parapet is completely exposed, both outer wythes should be constructed of the same material, with brick on the backside protected via roofing membrane or chemical water repellent. Our methods are proven and effective.

Reasons for parapet wall deterioration…

  • Improper flashing installation 
  • Improper coping material
  • Failure of masonry due to weathering
  • Water damage

With the harsh seasons Chicago experiences, it is important to properly maintain parapet walls, as they are an important component of the masonry and roofing system.

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