Lintel Replacement and Restorations


A lintel is a horizontal support of timber, stone, concrete, or steel across the top of a door, window, or any opening area.

Damaged lintel causes the masonry to lose structure

Early signs of  lintel failure include cracked bricks or cracked exterior walls. As the damage progresses, the lintel will start to visibly sag. If you notice cracked or stressed bricks on your home contact Coast to Coast Masonry Group for a free inspection. 

Damaged Lintel

Lintel failure is a common problem in properties of all ages and all types of lintels. Over a period of time lintels can fail and sag causing the masonry above to drop and crack losing all structural integrity, potentially having the overhead masonry collapse. 

Some common causes of lintel deterioration…

  • Improper installation 
  • Material failure due to natural aging
  • Climate induced rusting
  • Physical damage due to outside force (i.e. motor vehicle impact)

Lintel failure can be the root cause of many masonry related issues on a wall. Rusting lintels tend to expand vertically and horizontally causing cracks in the mortar and/or brick, potentially destabilizing the structure of the wall.  Additionally, improper flashing, or lack thereof may hasten the deterioration process as well as allow water to penetrate the inside of the building.

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