Chimney Repair and Rebuilding

Chimney Maintenance 

Mortar crumbling, water infiltration, frequent use, exposure to the elements, and lack of preventative maintenance will make a chimney more vulnerable to the elements, calling for major repairs, if not, a complete chimney rebuild.

Chimney repair services at Coast to Coast Masonry include:


Chimney repair process

When a chimney has deteriorated to the point where simple repairs are no longer viable, a rebuild may be necessary. Most chimney rebuilds require erecting scaffold to gain access to the top of the chimney. Once the area is safely cleared, the removal process begins. Demolition is completed by skillfully saw-cutting the concrete chimney crown and masonry brick sections on the chimney. Upon reaching an appropriate level, the chimney is internally inspected, then the rebuild begins.

A Type N mortar that is carefully matched to the existing building mortar color, and new brick, presented to client for approval is used. After selection of mortar all the brick and mortar are lifted into place. Laying the brick is the next step. All the masonry work is built level, plumb, and square. The mortar is carefully smoothed using hand tools to create one of a variety of finishes. The chimney crown can then be installed, either by a new reinforced cement chimney crown or a one-piece precast piece.

The lifespan of a chimney largely depends on climate, usage, construction, and maintenance. When problems become apparent, it is often may be too late for simple repairs.  This is why regular maintenance, including a waterproofing plan, will need to be performed to maximize the chimneys life span.


Common Chimney Rebuild Classifications…


  • Partial chimney rebuilds: Conducted for small chimneys with no scaffolding or the top sections or a large chimney with the addition of a new crown. 
  • Roof line up chimney rebuilds: Conducted when significant mortar and/or brick deterioration has set in beyond the ability of a tuck-pointing repair. The chimney is torn down to the area of the flashing by the roofline, and then the top of the chimney is rebuilt and a new crown is added. 
  • Total chimney rebuilds: Conducted when the chimney is leaning, severe mortar deterioration has occurred, severe brick spalling has set in from the ground up and so forth. The outer brick layer of the chimney is torn down and a new crown is added. In most cases the firebox, hearth, and smoke chamber must be removed and replaced.

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