Block Repairs and Replacement

What happens to masonry blocks...

There are plenty of reasons why a masonry block wall may need to be repaired, most of the time these walls deteriorate from weather. Overtime, you may find some cracks, or some of the blocks crumbling or breaking. At Coast to Coast Masonry we offer services from replacing entire blocks, or filling cracks.

Cracked CMU block


If the mortar between the block appears to be cracked, it can be repaired. Using a machine grinder, which is a special tool designed to remove the masonry in combination with a dust control vacuum, the damaged mortar is grounded out to solid bed joint and then tuck pointed (filled with new mortar).


Replacing the block

Replacing the block is necessary when the block itself is chipped, deteriorated, or damaged to the point where tuck-pointing will not fix the problem. To replace a block, it is necessary to cut out the deteriorated/spalling block and replace with a new one that matches the existing blocks.

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