Lintel Replacement and Restorations

A lintel is a horizontal support of timber, stone, concrete, or steel across the top of a door, window, or any opening area.

Damaged lintel causing the masonry to lose structure

Damaged Lintel

Lintel failure is a common problem in properties of all ages and all types of lintels. Over a period of time properties can fail and sag causing the masonry above to drop and crack losing all structural integrity, over time will become worse and has the potential for collapse. 

Reasons for lintel deterioration...

  • Age 
  • Improper installation 
  • Rusting 
  • Cracks 
  • Weather 

Any of the above reasons may cause lintel deterioration, which may even cause serious structural damages. Rusting lintels tend to expand vertically and horizontally destabilizing the structure of the wall which is a dangerous condition that should be checked up on.

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Deteriorated lintel 

Newly replaced lintel



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